What is Spontaneous Enlightenment – Sahaja?

Sahaja means spontaneous enlightenment.The Sahajiya Siddha concept of spontaneous spirituality influenced many Eastern religious and spiritual traditions including Buddhism and Hinduism. Spontaneous spirituality was alluded to indirectly and symbolically in the twilight language (sandhya bhasa) used by the Siddha's throughout the centuries. Siddha traditions also influenced the Bhakti or devotional movements through the Sant tradition, as can be discerned from the writings of the Bauls of Bengal, Dnyaneshwar, Meera, Kabir and Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. It is often said that understanding the concept of Sahaja-Siddha enables you to understand the purpose of human life.

My Life: Renunciation vs The World

My Life: Renunciation vs The World Having recently returned from a journey of ascetic solitude in the Himalayas, I face the challenge of having to re-integrate into the real world. Heres my reasoning for my struggles. Would love to hear your suggestions and comments.