Yoga Helped Me Overcome Anorexia

Emily, 17 was first introduced to yoga in hospital. She had attempted suicide multiple times and was ill with anorexia. She was told if she didn’t go into hospital then she would be sectioned. After 6 months of Yoga - she had a new lease on life. Emily is 17, Read her Yoga Story.

After six months of yoga I quit drinking and smoking. I didn’t need these substances any more…

After 6 months of yoga,I quit drinking and smoking. I didn't need these substances any more... Vernon Kenny's, is a 50 year old British male. Read his Yoga Story.

Quantum Physics Simplified

Quantum physics can seem intimidating, weird and counter-intuitive, even for the physicists who deal with it every day. But it's not beyond your understanding. Heres 6 simple ideas that help you understand quantum physics.

What is Liberation?

Moksha or Liberation is the birthright of every man. And one does not need to wait for death or multiple births to experience it, one lifetime is all you need. Find out more about attaining liberation and living fully. Achieve more than you could dream of.

Siddha’s – The History

While Siddha's have an oral tradition that dates back millennia and still exist to date within Siddha monasteries which are hidden from the public eye - very little is known about them. Find out more about about them.

Yoga – Why Interoception Matters?

Interoception is the window into the body that informs the mind. And as we hone our interoceptive skills, we are able to utilise the influential power and wisdom of our body sensations. Read to understand how Yoga and interoception can change your life.

Sanatana Dharma

Many say that Hinduism is the new new name for Sanātana dharma - this is untrue as Sanātana dharma was never a religion but a way of life. In ancient India, there was no religion. Sanātana dharma was about understanding the fundamentals of the universe and living by those principals. Hence it was more science than religion. Read on to understand more...

Siddha – The Accomplished Ones

Siddha's are superconscious humans. They have overcome limitations enabling them to use abilities that all humans possess to a greater level. Although we all have to potential to do it, the attainment of superconsciousness is a challenging task that requires patience, perseverance and skilful practice. Find out how to access these higher teachings.

What does The Nightingale Say to You?

Hans Christian Andersons story entitled "The Nightingale", speaks to so many issues we currently. Authenticity versus mimicry, artificial intelligence versus human ability, real versus fake. For me it means, singing from my soul, expressing my truth, sharing my genius. Read the story to find out what it means to you.

Are You a Leader?

Leadership fundamentally comes from within. The ability to lead comes from the inner workings of an individual – the leaders’ moral and philosophical framework and their capacity to understand their followers. Leadership is a product of character – It is not an accident of birth, prerogative of position or completion of a training program. Find out how to become the leader you were meant to be.