What is I-Yoga – Interoceptive Yoga?

Interoceptive-Yoga or I-Yoga is a simple 4 step yoga practice designed to deepen your body awareness. It is based on classical Hatha Yoga and scientific research in the field of interoception.
Interoception is a scientific term that means inner awareness. By fusing scientific understanding with the ancient practices of yoga, Interoceptive Yoga has the ability to train body and brain more speedily than traditional methods.

What is Your Level of Yogic Awareness? The Kosha’s

Ancient yogis drew a map to explore the deepest levels of our being. This map was also used to guide our yoga journey. This map consists of the five layers of the human body that we have to transcend to gain enlightenment. In this article I explain these five layers and present you with a simple framework for working towards the ultimate goal of yoga - samadhi or enlightenment.