What is Samadhi?

Samadhi as the highest state of wisdom. Yoga practice disciplines body and mind - giving you control over both - so you may stop the mental fluctuations at will. With regular yoga practice we train and develop neural pathways to achieve a states of samadhi or tranquility. Over time our bodies become hardwired to maintain this state of continued tranquility - making it possible for us to attain Superconsciousness or Turiya. Read on to understand.

What is Self Actualisation?

"What human beings can be, they must be." Abraham Maslow described the process of self-actualisation as the desire to become the most that one can be. In the current age where the focus seems to be pathological mental health issues and medication, it becomes ever more important to understand self actualisation and the process of living fully. Once we understand the process of self actualisation, we may use negative emotions as a catalyst for change.