What is I-Yoga – Interoceptive Yoga?

Interoceptive-Yoga or I-Yoga is a simple 4 step yoga practice designed to deepen your body awareness. It is based on classical Hatha Yoga and scientific research in the field of interoception.
Interoception is a scientific term that means inner awareness. By fusing scientific understanding with the ancient practices of yoga, Interoceptive Yoga has the ability to train body and brain more speedily than traditional methods.

My Life: Renunciation vs The World

My Life: Renunciation vs The World Having recently returned from a journey of ascetic solitude in the Himalayas, I face the challenge of having to re-integrate into the real world. Heres my reasoning for my struggles. Would love to hear your suggestions and comments.

What is Epigenetics?

Simply put, Epigenetics is the study of how our lifestyle and environment changes our bodies. Its relates specifically to how our genes are expressed to create physical changes in our bodies.

What is Karma?

The Indian concept of karma developed and evolved over centuries. Hence many different definitions of karma came into being. Central to all these definitions was the relationship between karma and causality. Karma - was described as action, deeds, intention as well as the outcome of ones action. But what if karma really? Read to understand.

What is Dharma?

There is no single word for dharma in English. A few authors have attempted to translate dharma and have come up with over 20 different translations including "law, order, duty, custom, nature, practice, purpose, quality, statute". However each of these words is incomplete. Even a combination of these concepts do not convey a complete sense of dharma. In this article I explain what dharma is.