The idea of a siddhi – psychic or supernormal power – is universal in Indian philosophy. Almost all schools of belief in India and other Asian cultures – that were influenced by Buddhism and Sanatana Dharma – attach great importance to yoga. It is understood that the practice of yoga yields these siddhi’s or powers. And a Siddha is one who has attained these supernormal powers. Siddha – which means “accomplished one” – refers to those who via practice or grace have accomplished a supernormal ability. While these abilities make the Siddha appear superhuman – Siddha’s are always human. Siddha’s are just fully functioning humans or superconscious humans. All they have done is overcome limitations to use abilities that all humans possess to a greater level.

Although we all have the potential to do it, the attainment of a siddhi is a challenging task that requires patience, perseverance and skilful practice. Hence there were just a few special schools which specialised in these practices. These mystery schools were never large organisations, nor commercial or publicised ventures. They were small organisations developed by Siddha’s and designed to attract only a special kind of student. This special student is one who is committed to developing his or her human potential to the fullest. In order to only attract the correct student – these schools were shrouded in mystery and secrecy.

However if we look at any of the great esoteric, spiritual or yogic schools, even those in existence today – we can trace back the original teaching to a Siddha. The schools founder or the founders teacher, will have been inspired by a solitary being. A person they may have met only a few times, or spent many years with. But this being would have initiated a transformative change or enlightening experience. For this is the only goal of a Siddha – to enable others to achieve their full human potential.

Hence while the Siddha lineage has been in existence for millennia – and references to Siddha’s are made in most classical Buddhist, Brahmanical and Daoist texts – very little is known about them.

Why are Siddha’s so secretive?

It is often said in classical texts that the Siddha’s used a secret language called “sandhya bhasya”. They practiced in isolation. They shied away from publicity. They had special healing abilities which they used to help people from all walks of life – yet they never sought to use this healing ability for commercial gain. WHY?

Regarding the secret language – there is not really one. It’s just then when Siddha’s talk about experiences, states of consciousness or perception that individuals cannot yet understand or relate to, it seems like they are talking in code. Yet as one develops their practice, perceptive ability and alters their state of awareness… this once secret code makes absolute sense.

They practiced in isolation and shy away from attention because vital to the Siddha practice is Ego-lessness. The only way to lose your limitations and achieve unlimited human potential is to lose the limitations of your ego. And in an ego-less state – there is no need to call attention to the self. There is no need to create a persona or to aspire to celebrity status. This is a real challenge in our modern social media driven culture. Yet the Siddha will value their ego-less state more than anything else – even to detriment of their own social standing – for it is in this ego-less state that real potential emerges.

They refused to gain from their healing abilities because these abilities arise as features of the higher states of awareness. And this higher awareness infuses them with overwhelming bliss. This blissful state is all they desire. If their focus shifted to the healing ability – their blissful state my be diluted. Hence the Siddha would use their abilities to benefit others but never for personal gain – as the blissful state is worth more than anything else.

How do I find a Siddha school or teacher?

It is often said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is true. If your desire to achieve your highest potential is strong, your teacher will appear. All you need to do is commit to your current practice and live your life authentically.

Why is Siddha and Siddhi’s of importance in this modern world?

Never before has the human race been as aware of our ability to shape our own evolution as we are now. With the advent of AI, robotics, transhumanism, gene modification therapies – we have already begun altering our evolutionary process. Yet this practice is not new – Siddha’s have transformed themselves over the ages – however they did it in keeping with nature. Many of the technologies we are now developing could have detrimental effects as we try to overpower nature and natural evolution. The reality is that the planet will go on – it is humanity who will disappear if these new technologies go wrong. It has therefore, become ever more important for a larger group of humans to embrace the wisdom of the Siddha’s.

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Dr Nitasha Buldeo is an Integrated Medical Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Scientist and Yogi. She created  I-Yoga & Organic Apoteke and is Director of the Centre for Exceptional Human Performance. She researches human potential and delivers programs that encourage you to live exceptionally. Nitasha believes that every one of us is striving to be the best we can. Her passion is bringing you experiences that inspire you. Her intention is for you to unlock your genius.

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