Yoga – Why Interoception Matters?

Interoception is the window into the body that informs the mind. And as we hone our interoceptive skills, we are able to utilise the influential power and wisdom of our body sensations. Read to understand how Yoga and interoception can change your life.

Siddha – The Accomplished Ones

Siddha's are superconscious humans. They have overcome limitations enabling them to use abilities that all humans possess to a greater level. Although we all have to potential to do it, the attainment of superconsciousness is a challenging task that requires patience, perseverance and skilful practice. Find out how to access these higher teachings.

Yoga & Meditation – Is there a difference?

There is no yoga without meditation. Many international teachers and journals claim that you don't need to meditate in order to practice Hatha Yoga. Yet this idea goes fundamentally against what Yoga is. Discover more..

What is Your Level of Yogic Awareness? The Kosha’s

Ancient yogis drew a map to explore the deepest levels of our being. This map was also used to guide our yoga journey. This map consists of the five layers of the human body that we have to transcend to gain enlightenment. In this article I explain these five layers and present you with a simple framework for working towards the ultimate goal of yoga - samadhi or enlightenment.