Sanatana Dharma

Many say that Hinduism is the new new name for Sanātana dharma - this is untrue as Sanātana dharma was never a religion but a way of life. In ancient India, there was no religion. Sanātana dharma was about understanding the fundamentals of the universe and living by those principals. Hence it was more science than religion. Read on to understand more...

Siddha – The Accomplished Ones

Siddha's are superconscious humans. They have overcome limitations enabling them to use abilities that all humans possess to a greater level. Although we all have to potential to do it, the attainment of superconsciousness is a challenging task that requires patience, perseverance and skilful practice. Find out how to access these higher teachings.

What does The Nightingale Say to You?

Hans Christian Andersons story entitled "The Nightingale", speaks to so many issues we currently. Authenticity versus mimicry, artificial intelligence versus human ability, real versus fake. For me it means, singing from my soul, expressing my truth, sharing my genius. Read the story to find out what it means to you.

Are You a Leader?

Leadership fundamentally comes from within. The ability to lead comes from the inner workings of an individual – the leaders’ moral and philosophical framework and their capacity to understand their followers. Leadership is a product of character – It is not an accident of birth, prerogative of position or completion of a training program. Find out how to become the leader you were meant to be.

Yoga & Meditation – Is there a difference?

There is no yoga without meditation. Many international teachers and journals claim that you don't need to meditate in order to practice Hatha Yoga. Yet this idea goes fundamentally against what Yoga is. Discover more..

“What’s Depression?”, asked Joy

This constant chatter about depression is destined to make us all depressed. How can we overcome this?

Yogic Significance of the Equinox

March 21, is an Equinox. On the days of the equinox - the sun is in perfect alignment with the equator. That means the sun's influences upon the earth is in equilibrium. In the yogic tradition, the equinox is the period when one has the highest possibility of transcending limitations - both mental and physical.

What is I-Yoga – Interoceptive Yoga?

Interoceptive-Yoga or I-Yoga is a simple 4 step yoga practice designed to deepen your body awareness. It is based on classical Hatha Yoga and scientific research in the field of interoception.
Interoception is a scientific term that means inner awareness. By fusing scientific understanding with the ancient practices of yoga, Interoceptive Yoga has the ability to train body and brain more speedily than traditional methods.

What are Peak Experiences?

Peak experiences are "those moments, lasting from seconds to minutes, during which we feel the highest levels of happiness, harmony and possibility."

What is Samadhi?

Samadhi as the highest state of wisdom. Yoga practice disciplines body and mind - giving you control over both - so you may stop the mental fluctuations at will. With regular yoga practice we train and develop neural pathways to achieve a states of samadhi or tranquility. Over time our bodies become hardwired to maintain this state of continued tranquility - making it possible for us to attain Superconsciousness or Turiya. Read on to understand.