Mastery is defined as comprehensive knowledge in a particular field or subject. Yet we intuitively feel that there is more to mastery.

In his book, entitled Mastery, Robert Green refers to the sensation of mastery.  I like this explanation because it sheds light on how mastery feels. He writes – mastery is the feeling that “we have a greater command of reality, other people or ourselves”.

We all remember times when have experienced such a feeling – even if it was only for a short period. However for Master’s in any field – this feeling becomes a way of life, it becomes their way of experiencing the world. Therefore Masters ritually engage in practices that strengthens their unique perceptions.

To write his book, Robert Green studied the lives of various Masters including Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Darwin and Thomas Edison. A second author, George Leonard, also wrote a book called Mastery, however he focused on Zen philosophy and his personal practice of martial arts. But the fascination with mastery is not new, over the ages many Indian and Buddhist sages described their practices towards mastery in yoga, meditation and intellectual knowledge. What is interesting is that they all conclude and I concur – the process that leads to mastery is simple and universal. If you learn the process of mastery on one field, you can apply it to any field.

There are 3 simples stages to mastery.

Stage one: Studentship, Apprenticeship, The Learning Mindset

In stage one – we begin to seek knowledge and we feel as if we are on the outside. There seems to be a divide between those who know and those who don’t. This can feel uncomfortable. However, to begin the journey to Mastery we need to overcome pride and decide to learn as much as we can about the the new field. We also need to understand that at this point we will only have partial knowledge. The information we acquir may seem disjointed and sometimes contradictory. However if we persist in our aim to learn – we eventually reach stage two.

Stage two: Implementor, Creative Activity, The Engaging Mindset

In stage two – we engage in regular practice and become immersed in our learning. We then begin to get inside the field of study. We begin to see how things connect with each other. Our knowledge is no longer fragmented – but a unified picture emerges. There is also a feeling of understanding. This feeling of understanding gives you the ability to experiment and creatively play with the elements of your field. And as you more readily engage in creative play, you begin to see beyond the current knowledge, you begin to see things in your own unique way – you experience glimpses of the masters way.

Stage three: Leader, Mastery, The Creative Mindset

In stage three – our glimpses of mastery helps us find a unique view into the field. Our knowledge, experience and focus becomes so deep and complete that we see the whole picture with complete clarity. You gain an access to the essence of life, you freely observe both human nature and the natural rhythm of the universe. This is why art and music created by Masters touches us at our core – for the Master has access to reality.

This three step process to Mastery is accessible to all and can be used in any field. Mastery is not limited to the few elite but available to anybody who makes the time and effort to follow the process.

Dr Nitasha Buldeo is an Integrated Medical Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Scientist and Yogi. She created  I-Yoga & Organic Apoteke and is Director of the Centre for Exceptional Human Performance. She researches human potential and delivers programs that encourage you to live exceptionally. Nitasha believes that every one of us is striving to be the best we can. Her passion is bringing you experiences that inspire you. Her intention is for you to unlock your genius.

I teach the process of mastery through I-Yoga or Interoceptive Yoga for when you master your body and mind – you master all of life.

My book The Body Heals Itself, shares a 7 step plan to transforming your body for greater wellbeing and optimal performance. Available on Amazon.

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